The Catalyst




Sun, June 17, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Catalyst

Santa Cruz, CA

$20 in advance / $25 at the door

Stars has partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 from every ticket goes towards providing indigenous women and their children a safe and supportive environment through the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal.

STARS have made their career telling the tales we keep in the darkest, and most hopeful parts of our souls. Delivering the hard and soft edges of life and love as only this band can, they returned with two new tracks Privilege and We Called It Love.

From the reflective beauty of Amy Millan’s vocal in Privilege “never got what you want, never got it” to Torquil Campbell’s contemplative and contrary, “I don’t believe that people change…but I’ve changed” on We Called It Love, Stars return time and again to comfort and reassure us that within the experience of failure and fucking up is the path to a life well lived.

A collective band statement notes, “We’re back! We have a new album. It was recorded in Montreal and Connecticut with the great producer, Peter Katis. We love him and thank him for being there for us. It’s our first with our friends at Last Gang. We made this record for ourselves, for our kids, and for you. And we are so happy and grateful that you’re still listening to our music.”

With approaching 20 years as a band and a storied album catalogue spanning 2001’s Nightsongs, the romantic upheaval of 2003’s Heart and 2004’s Set Yourself On Fire, 2007’s In Our Bedroom After the War, the downcast elegies of 2010’s The Five Ghosts, the rejuvenation of 2012’s The North and sub-base, dance club infused No One Is Lost in 2014, Stars continue to prove themselves some of the finest musical storytellers in the country, moving through life with their fans.

Stars now returns with their 8th full-length release “There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light”, out now via Last Gang Records worldwide.
Shamir is Shamir and remains Shamir through and through, no matter what the universe puts
him through. You may know the singularly named artist (think - Madonna or Cher) from his
2015 debut hit record Rachet, beloved by NPR listeners and club kids alike. After quickly
rising to underground fame with his Northtown EP in 2014, the DIY popstar made a sonic
splash with Rachet’s lead single “On The Regular,” a poppy banger that had huge
commercial appeal. But how to follow all that up? Shamir, who came from the dusty dunes of
Las Vegas, to Brooklyn’s Silent Barn, to the Philly indie scene (and all over the world
inbetween), wanted to go back to what had inspired him from the beginning. Outsider music,
country & punk. Raw and vulnerable tunes, stripped down to their emotional core. 2017’s
Revelations explored a new avenue of guitar driven hooky indie rock and was widely
critically praised in the US and overseas.
Shamir’s most recent releases, the brilliant Room 7” on Father Daughter, and his selfreleased
limited edition album, Resoultion, are pinnacles in the catalog of the increasingly
fascinating artist’s career. Room and its b-side Cabellero celebrate Shamir’s love of country
music, while Resolution is a deeply introspective look into the fabric of society and the
artists’ own mind. With these two releases he has refined his craft exponentially and done so
in less than six months since the release of Revealtions.
Venue Information:
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060